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Community Researcher

What is the Community Researcher programme?

The Community Practitioner Research programme brings together practitioners, community members and stakeholders, with lecturers from the University of Birmingham’s Institute for Research into Superdiversity.

Each programme brings together 12-14 individuals from the community to develop research methods and identify issues and concerns relating to community cohesion and segregation.

The programme has worked with a wide range of communities tackling a variety of problems, such as mental health, youth homelessness, youth offending, financial and social inclusion.

By becoming a Community Researcher, you get to:

  • Enhance your understanding of communities.

  • Identify areas where integration and services could be improved.

  • Learn new research skills and develop existing skills (such as writing).

  • Share your experience of living in Walsall.

  • Meet other researchers and community members.

  • Complete an accredited course (the programme is accredited by the Open College Network).

All participants will receive in depth training throughout the programme. Previous experience is not required.

How the programme works

  1. Information session – This session introduces prospective participants to the programme, its aims and potential impact.

  2. Training sessions – Participants will complete three units, which have been designed to be accessible for people with limited writing skills:

  • Understanding and designing social research

  • Conducting social research

  • Analysing qualitative social research data.

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