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Innovation grant brings organisations and communities together through sport

A joint blog post by Manor Farm Community Association, Nash Dom CIC and Walsall for All.

Young people in hi-vis orange vests playing football.
Football was one of the main activities offered at the Community Sports Festival

Manor Farm Community Association and Nash Dom CIC came together to put on exceptional Sport Festival; truly bringing communities together through their common love of sport, food and activities.

Children and young people took part in many of the sporting activities at the Sports Festival

It was great to see diverse children, young people and adults from across Walsall attend the day and really get involved in the activities. Our partners from Walsall Football Club did a great job in engaging the younger generation of Walsall and getting then actively participating in their football sessions.”

- Mohamed Loonat, Manor Farm Community Association

There was a rich tapestry of culture, education and experiences to explore; with a market place full of Walsall organisations showcasing their service, face painting, henna, slime making and not to forget the bouncy castle, roller skating and fire engine. There was true consideration taken to ensure that there was something for everyone without cost - even the great tasting Asian food was served without charge!

We knew that this funding could bridge the gap between communities and act as a catalyst to better understanding between communities. We had over 15 different nationalities playing in the 16+ tournament. Some people had never even said hello to someone from a different ethnic background, and now they are planning on meeting up for weekly football session. We were able to remove barriers to integration and cohesion through this great Sports Festival.”

- Robert Bolonyi, Nash Dom CIC.

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