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Mayor of West Midlands visits Walsall Black Sisters Collective to celebrate Community Weekend

The Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, spent last Sunday morning in Walsall visiting the Walsall Black Sisters Collective (BSC) as part of the Mayor’s Community Weekend.

Walsall BSC, a community organisation that focuses on education, training, welfare, self-help and child provision, were singled out for praise by the Mayor for the resilience they have shown and the way they have repurposed their community support in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. Funded through a combination of grants from Walsall Council Making Connections Programme, The National Lottery Community Fund, Charities Aid Foundation and the Heart of England Foundation, the Collective have delivered over 300 food parcels, provided hot, home cooked cultural meals for residents across the borough, increased their Befriending and Counselling service in response to the crisis.

Walsall BSC have been supporting communities within Walsall since the 1980s, initially to address issues affecting Black women and their families, but their focus has broadened significantly since. The Collective are also keen to point out that, despite their name, they support more than just the Black and Ethnic communities within Walsall.

Maureen Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, explained: “We will respond where there is need. This pandemic affects everyone and we have to work together to get through it.

“We were honoured to receive a visit from the Mayor of the West Midlands and to be recognised for the work we are doing here in Walsall.”

Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, said: “It’s been brilliant to meet Walsall Black Sisters Collective today, to see how their work has changed in response to the challenges of COVID-19 and to see the wonderful support that’s still being provided by such a dedicated team.”

Councillor Garry Perry, Portfolio Holder for Culture and Communities, said: “BSC have a long established reputation among the people of Walsall - they have again been a shining example of the resilience of our communities, dedicating themselves to help at a pivotal time of need. I am pleased Mayor Street gave some his valuable time to recognise their work during his Community Weekend.”


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