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National Lottery funding for Walsall

Has your group got ideas to share and celebrate your community’s cultures, traditions and memories? Need some money to make it happen but not sure where to start?

Jackie Lee and Elise Turner from The National Lottery Heritage Fund are your new local contacts for Walsall. They are here to help your group plan new projects that celebrate your community’s heritage and apply for a one-off grant to make your ideas happen.

The National Lottery Heritage Fund can give grants of £3,000 upwards to any not-for-profit group or public organisation, including schools, places of worship, youth groups and community groups. The grants can help your community to explore a range of heritage, anything from the past your community values and wants to pass on to the future. This can include cultures and traditions, memories, collections of old photographs, traditional skills, nature and wildlife, old buildings, and parks.

Looking for some inspiration?

The Kingsway project won a grant of £36,000 for volunteers to record the stories of people who migrated to the West Midlands from the Caribbean. They hosted ‘A Trip Down Memory Lane’ events using 1960s music and objects to help people recall their past and then shared these memories through events, DVD, exhibitions, films, activity books and a website. Read more on our website:

Walsall Creative Factory won a grant of £5,900 to mark punk’s 40 year anniversary. They interviewed and photographed 20 punks from Walsall, recording their memories of the music’s impact on their lives and home town, before sharing these in an online archive, tabloid newspaper-style booklets and a touring exhibition. Read more on our website:

Elise and Jackie, Engagement Managers said:

“Fewer groups from Walsall have applied for our funding in the past so we have made the borough our Area of Focus for the next five years. We will be on hand to provide advice and support for groups, from their initial idea through to submitting a funding application.”

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