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Urban Hax invites you to get creative at home to help others in your local community

Are you locked down at home but feel you have the skills and expertise to help others in your local community? How would you like help and support to make the best use of your time in isolation to enable you to come up with practical solutions for others, and, at the same time, give yourself a sense of achievement in this frustrating and isolating period?

A robot built and programmed by Urban Hax

Urban Hax, Walsall’s community makerspace, is looking to recruit and support volunteers to take part in a unique project that aims to utilise the skills of the people in Walsall to support others across the community. Urban Hax will match people’s skills to the needs of others and in addition, equipment and materials will be provided to support each project.

For instance, you could be supplied 3D printer kits so you can start making items to make life easier for the elderly or less abled. You could borrow sewing machines to make face masks for care workers. Help can be provided to come up with interesting designs which can be cut for you on Urban Hax’s laser cutter. You could be supplied kits for building robots to give to the neighbour’s children. Or your ideas could be better! Urban Hax want to hear from you and will do their best to support you.

There is nothing like using your imagination and being creative to overcome the sense of frustration we are all experiencing in this unique situation.

And, for good measure, Urban Hax will throw in three months of FREE membership to their makerspace, which you can take up once the lockdown is over. You will then have access to a wide range of equipment and to other creative people to build on the good work you’ve been doing during the lockdown.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the scheme, please call Geoff Henderson at Urban Hax on 07977 069433 or drop him an email on


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