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Walsall Community Recognition Awards

Photo from London Community Awards 2017, organised by Faith and Belief Forum
Photo from London Community Awards 2017, organised by Faith and Belief Forum

The Faith and Belief Forum, in partnership with Walsall for All will be hosting the Walsall Community Recognition Awards on January 23rd 2020.

They will celebrate the vital work of local communities in making Walsall a welcoming place for people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures by bringing together local heroes and shining a light on their inspirational work. The awards recognise the unsung heroes of Walsall’s cultural, faith and belief communities, celebrating the vital services they provide – from youth clubs to health and wellbeing workshops, food banks, drop in centres and more.

How to nominate

If you would like to nominate an individual or a project for an award, please click here and follow the links to the criteria and the nomination form.

There are eight award categories, which you can find out more below.

Nominations Close on Monday 18 November.


Award Categories

Please have a look at the award categories below to make sure the project you would like to nominate is eligible for an award. Details on the criteria can be found by clicking here.

Health & wellbeing

Projects in this category create specialised services for the health and wellbeing of Walsall residents. They reduce social isolation and improve people’s quality of life by supporting vulnerable people from different backgrounds.

Inspiring youth

Young people from minority backgrounds are often overlooked and may be excluded from civic life. Projects within this category work with young people to encourage leadership and participation in their local community, and connect them with opportunities beyond their neighbourhoods.

Interfaith relations

Walsall’s neighbourhoods are multi-faith spaces where people with different faiths and beliefs share the same public spaces and services. Projects within this category build bridges across communities and create hubs that are open to all.

Improving access to services

Working at the neighbourhood level, projects within this category identify people who are often overlooked and excluded. These projects work overtime to connect people to life-saving public services offered by local councils and larger charities, as well as offering advice and support at the community level.

Peace & reconciliation

Crime and violent attacks send a message of exclusion and tear the fabric of Walsall’s communities. Projects within this category support those affected by violence; bring communities together to stand against violence; and promote peaceful relations.

Promoting inclusion

Walsall residents may face misunderstanding, isolation or exclusion because of their culture, faith or belief. They may be further excluded, due to other aspects of their identities (e.g. ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, age and ability) – and this discrimination may take place within cultural/faith/belief groups or wider society. Projects within this category work at the intersection between faith/belief and other aspects of identity – creating inclusive spaces.

Supporting women

This category will celebrate the achievements and contributions of women, from all walks of life, who make Walsall great. This category will recognise the work of projects which support women to make change in their community through providing education, advocacy, friendship and a wider array of services.

Inspirational individuals

Walsall is full of people who work tirelessly for their community, making a lasting positive contribution to our city. Individuals recognised in this category inspire others by their acts of public service which are matched by their attitude and value, exemplifying Walsall as a welcoming place for people of all cultures, faiths and beliefs.

Awarded projects will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend an awards ceremony in Walsall on 23rd January 2020.

  • Meet and connect with individuals and groups from across Walsall’s cultural, faith, belief and community sector.

  • Gain a free place on an F&BF training workshop.

  • Join F&BF’s Movement Builders Network and contribute to F&BF podcasts, blogs, and attend F&BF events for free.

They do not want to exclude any good work. If you are not sure if your project is eligible, or need assistance with the nomination form please get in touch by emailing: or calling 07483 008159.


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