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Walsall for All marks Refugee Week 2020 with a call for creativity

Here at Walsall for All we are asking you, the people of Walsall, to join us in celebrating the contribution of refugees in the borough to mark Refugee Week 2020.

This year’s Refugee Week takes place June 15th – 21st, and is an annual, UK-wide festival celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees. This year’s timely, and relevant, theme is to ‘imagine a brave new world’ through art, video, music, poetry or writing.

We have created this dedicated space to publish your work! We’ve seen an incredible response from all communities within Walsall to the coronavirus pandemic and our refugee communities have been at the forefront of this, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate that and the contribution generations of refugees have made to Walsall.

So, whether you want to tell your story or someone else’s, have a vision of better tomorrow, or want to highlight the struggle and resilience of refugees past or present, this week please put pen to paper, brush to canvas, point your phone camera or whatever creative activity you prefer to express your celebration of refugees - post it on social media and tag us @WalsallforAll using #RefugeeWeek2020, or simply email us and we’ll do the rest.

Refugee Week 2020: Gallery - click the images to find out more


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