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We are Walsall 2040 Micro grants

Walsall for All partnership has recently invited over 100 organisations to help Walsall Council inform its We Are Walsall 2040 borough plan. Voluntary and community partners attended an information session on 24 May 2022 learning about micro-grants available for designing their own innovative engagement. It is envisaged that addressing inequalities and improving collaboration across the communities and partners will be among the key themes of 2040 and therefore diverse cultural and geographical representation will be required.

Successful applicants will be commissioned to deliver their own creative engagement activities. This may include creation of art boards, dialogue sessions, coffee mornings, wishing trees, poetry or digital stories. ‘The summer of listening, coproduction and engagement’ would like to see our valued communities energised and involved and, through their ideas, contribute to the We are Walsall 2040 strategy as well as compilation of ‘Our Walsall Story'.

It is envisaged thatOur Walsall Story’ will be a unique platform, 'a time capsule' providing a published record of community views and priorities in a visually engaging and attracting format feeding into a 3-5 year implementation plan. Progress against the We are Walsall 2040 plan will be updated annually and conversation with communities will continue throughout the life of the plan up to 2040.

This is an exciting time for all friends and partners of Walsall for All to get involved and build on their strengths and kindness so generously demonstrated during the pandemic. You can access the presentation about We are Walsall 2040 and grants application forms at the link below. Deadline for applications is 10 June 2022 at 23:59 hours.

We are looking forward to hear from you. If you have any questions please contact us at

WAW 2040 CVS Briefing 22 May d2
Download PPTX • 13.95MB

We are Walsall 2040 - invitation to apply for a grant
Download PDF • 270KB

We are Walsall 2040 - application form
Download DOCX • 36KB

Q&As Informatoin Session 24 May 2022
Download PDF • 186KB


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