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Nash Dom CIC

Coronavirus Update

Nash Dom CIC continue to deliver their work in line with COVID-19 guidelines.

Nash Dom CIC have delivered their project Cohesion through Football and are now working on the Welcome Pack and Buddying Scheme.

Project name: Welcome Pack and Buddying Scheme

Nash Dom CIC will support the integration of newly arrived communities through the Welcome Pack, which will include information on rights and responsibilities for all residents in Walsall, details on local services and signposting to local groups. Part of this project will also involve inviting individuals to be part of a buddying scheme to support those who are new to the local area.

Project completed

Project name: Cohesion through Football

Nash Dom CIC’s project brought together adults of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds through sport. There were opportunities for social time throughout the practice sessions, including intercultural training (for example, learning basic greetings in different languages). The programme ended with a tournament involving all of the communities who participated in the project.

Nash Dom also created partnerships, not only with Walsall Football Club but with Community Associations and local football clubs across the borough, which enabled this project to get closer to everyone that would like to take part.

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