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Black Pound Day

Never heard of it? No, neither had we! And it’s partly due to the fact that Black Pound Day (BPD) is a relatively new initiative having launched in June last year, partly as a response to the death of George Floyd and the subsequent anti-racism movements.

BPD takes place the first Saturday of every month and encourages consumers from all communities to seek out and spend with Black businesses in their local region and online. The brainchild of Swiss (from the So Solid Crew) BPD seeks to address the economic inequalities and imbalances affecting Black businesses and entrepreneurs.

What better way to start celebrating Black History Month by supporting Black-owned businesses up and down the country, especially those in Walsall and the wider region?

The Black Pound Day website has more information and a great directory and listings map of businesses that you can use to check out local stores and shops, restaurants and takeaways etc. If you’re a local Black-owned business then it is well worth registering with BPD so you’re included in the directory. And if you’re looking to spend money this Saturday (and the first Saturday of every month for that matter) then support this initiative and Black businesses in your area.

Keep an eye on these pages and our social media channels over the course of Black History Month as we’ll be featuring a number of Black-owned businesses in and around Walsall.


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