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VIDEO: I AM ENOUGH written by Dionne

I AM ENOUGH is a spoken piece written by Dionne as part of this year's Black History Month celebrations. The audio is accompanied by a selection of photographs of Black women living or working in Walsall.

Thank you to Dionne for sharing with Walsall for All.

What do you see when you look at me?

Not the definition of mainstream beauty? Not someone not familiar with popularity? You're right I am none of those things.

But I'm growing, learning and loving me, realising external eyes don't define my light.

I shine, I AM ENOUGH.

I am a Black woman, tender-hearted, made of the tough stuff.

I strutt, never give up, setting the standard whilst remaining overlooked.

Never celebrated, so we celebrate ourselves, lifting each other onto higher platforms, Pushing our sisters on centre stage, telling our stories,

Our journeys, our losses and victories.

I am a Black woman, skin like spiced, brown sugar glowing like no other, I AM ENOUGH.

Your validation wanted, but no longer needed,

I will continue to succeed whether you cheer or stay silent.

As a Black woman, we often long to be loved, to be vulnerable and held,

But don't get it twisted, we won't wait on you to do for us what we can do for ourselves!

You see I am a strong Black woman,

I'm dependable but can I depend on you?

Depend on you to see me, to hear me, to feel me?

All my life I've had to fight to be respected,

But I finally realise the love and respect I hold for myself is ENOUGH.

I will love me, I will embrace me I will prioritise me,

Because when I'm good, we're ALL good.

The life I provide to the universe can never be fully fathomed or understood,

But I understand that I AM ENOUGH

My heart could be breaking, body could be aching and yet still I will rise.

I asked what do you see when you look at me, but I am content with how I see me through God's eyes, because in Him I AM ENOUGH


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