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Empowering Women in Walsall - Rudo's Story

Kerry, Rudo and Hayley at Kerry Collins Recruitment

Rudo moved to Walsall from London last November. Rudo was quite isolated as she was unfamiliar with the area and did not feel completely safe. Due to this Rudo did not take part in any community or social activities.

Rudo noticed the Community Connectors Coffee Morning advertised at a local medical centre. She contacted Hayley to find out more. Hayley arranged to meet Rudo at the Coffee Mornings held in North Walsall at Gios Italian Restaurant. She started attending weekly coffee mornings and built up a rapport with Hayley. Rudo started to socialise with others and join in with others discussing hobbies and crafts.

Rudo (standing next to Bindy) was one of the participants on the Empowering Women Workshops in July.

Hayley booked Rudo a place on the July Empowering Women Workshops to boost Rudo’s confidence and provide an opportunity to improve her social network. Rudo was unable to attend the celebration session of the workshop.

Hayley advocated on Rudo’s behalf to local employer Kerry Collins, who attended the last day of the workshop as a guest speaker. Kerry had a job opportunity available for an Auditor role. Rudo had the necessary qualification for this role. Hayley continued to liaise with Rudo and Rudo arranged to visit Kerry at her premises to discuss the role.

Rudo started work at Kerry Collins Recruitment Agency 10/9/19. Rudo is enjoying her new role and is still able to study part-time to achieve her Level 6 Qualification.


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