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Inspirational stories about the community response to COVID-19

There has been an incredible response from individuals and communities coming together to support the response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Combat COVID

Young people in Walsall have set up an organisation called Combat Covid, which is a network of social media accounts, promoting ways to stay mentally and physically healthy, as well as motivational and fun content. There are a team of over 60 students, all between the age of 15-18, who are taking part in this off their own back, either by contributing content to the page or promoting the GoFundMe page, which is raising money for the Trussel Trust and the YMCA Glebe Centre Walsall.

Why not follow their page and also find out more on their GoFundMe page:

Donation of protective equipment

Steven from Ventura McDonalds Tamworth provided a generous donation of 50,000 single-use gloves and one pair of heavy-duty filtering gauntlet (upper arm length rubber gloves), which will be helpful for social care workers and the four locality hubs that have been set up.

Busill Jones Primary School

On Friday 20th March, children at Busill Jones Primary School had a special themed non-uniform day. All children and staff were asked to dress in bright, cheery colours to spread some positivity around the community, in exchange for a tin or packet of dry goods for the local food bank. The generosity of the families during this unprecedented time was astonishing.

Streetly Temporary Foodbanks

Using brand new large bins, temporary food banks have been set up outside Blackwood Butchers and Boundary Shops in Streetly. The bin lids are left open, without the need to touch them. The food will be collected and delivered daily to food banks in Walsall and bins will be kept indoors overnight.

More good news stories and other activities can be found in our Twitter moment "Walsall's community response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)". Click here to see more.


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