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Supporting the community response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information from One Walsall.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to support the community response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, organised by our partners. Our communities and the voluntary, community and faith organisations which work alongside them, are already playing a significant role in the response to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) and supporting those most vulnerable to the impact. We are blessed with active communities and strong community organisations already working hard to ensure support is available to those who need it. Walsall Council, One Walsall and other partners are working together to support and coordinate the community response, and to provide guidance and advice to local community action. The aim is to develop and establish a coronavirus response hub in each locality across Walsall.

One Walsall has updated their website with simple tools to help capture details of the activity being delivered within communities and provide a single route for residents who wish to volunteer to get involved.

A dedicated portal for volunteers – if you would like to get involved in local voluntary activity, register here and give details about the skills and resources you can offer. Partners and community organisations will work together to link this offer with local needs and activity. One Walsall is currently developing a swift process of accreditation and training for volunteers who get involved.

A dedicated portal for community action - Community groups and organisations are invited to share details of what they are doing in response to the outbreak. This will help develop a virtual network of community action around the four hubs. As the database is built, One Walsall will be publishing it on at least a daily basis. Click here.

Guidance, support and advice – One Walsall will continuously update the website with relevant advice, guidance, tools and other resources to support local community action whilst keeping staff, volunteers and residents safe. Click here.

One Walsall is updating their website as new resources are identified and further guidance from partners and national sources is received. Please keep checking for updates and/or contact One Walsall for further advice or to provide information.

If you register your interest in volunteering or ask for help with your local community activity, please don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear back immediately. One Walsall and other partners are working hard to make sure the right offer is matched to the right need and a team member will be in touch in due course.

There has already been an incredible response from the local organisations and the residents of Walsall - over 60 offers have been received to volunteer before the portal was even launched. We have an incredible community, and it's great to see how well we can respond to a difficult situation. We know that everyone has something to give and we are extremely grateful to all those who put themselves forward to help. All the best, Walsall for All Team


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