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Walsall Workplace Diversity Conference

The Black Country Chamber of Commerce have announced today that their Walsall Workplace Diversity Conference will take place in June.

Over the past six months, businesses and employees across Walsall have been sharing their views on workplace diversity and the conference will see the Chamber share the insights and findings of the research project carried out by the University of Wolverhampton.

Walsall for All, the Department for Work and Pensions and the Black Country Chamber of Commerce have worked closely on the project and are inviting businesses, and their employees, to join them at a virtual conference which is free to attend on Tuesday 15th June.

There will be a range of diverse speakers who will discuss and explore the tools and techniques which promote and encourage an inclusive working environment.

The Walsall Workplace Diversity Conference will be the first place to hear many of the recent local trends and analysis into workplace demographics and inclusion practices since the COVID-19 emergency began and the increased demand from customers, employees and stakeholders on businesses to do more.

There is huge potential and strength in businesses which are representative of the communities they serve, with businesses shifting away from ensuring they merely meet all legal requirements and are now actively striving to deliver meaningful inclusion and diversity throughout their culture, values and practices.

Whether you are a business owner, director, have responsibility for your organisation’s diversity policies or simply want to discover practical takeaways on creating a more inclusive workplace, visit: Walsall Workplace Diversity Conference - Black Country Chamber of Commerce or email


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