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Community Dialogue

What is Community Dialogue?

Community dialogue events will create safe spaces for local people to engage in conversations about the things that are important to them. The programme aims to bring together the voices of local people to discuss identity, diversity and living together. The programme also seeks to give opportunity for local people to have their voices and stories heard and connect with others across Walsall.

During the project local people will:

  1. Express Voice

  2. Hear Others

  3. Be Heard

Why is it important to have dialogue?

In our diverse society, positive relations between people of different faiths, beliefs and cultures are essential. Community Dialogue creates spaces where people can engage with questions around identity and meet people different from themselves. This enables people to learn from each other and create understanding and trust between people.

What are the benefits of taking part in Community Dialogue?

Community Dialogue will generate opportunities for often unheard voices and stories across Walsall to be heard. Through creative sessions participants will be able to express their own stories and have the opportunity to learn from others. This project will give the participants the opportunity to create stronger connections and friendships across Walsall. 

Coronavirus update

Updated 04.01.2021 - The Faith and Belief Forum continue to deliver their projects online.

How will the project work?

The project will be split into 3 Phases.

Phase 1 - local dialogue

Each group will consist of 13-20 local people who will meet for 3 Community Dialogue sessions. 

During these 3 initial sessions participants will have opportunities to talk about what is important to them in a safe space. This will include capturing their stories and their experiences of living in Walsall.

Phase 2 - linked dialogue

Following the initial 3 Community Dialogue sessions 2 groups will be linked together. They will take part in an additional 3 Community Dialogue sessions together.


In the linked phase of the dialogue sessions people will have opportunities to share conversations across groups. These encounters will lead to opportunities for relationships and trust to be developed through sharing experiences and working together.


Throughout the process feedback will be recorded to ensure that there is a pathway for voices to be heard and connection to people and services that can support to make a difference.

Phase 3 - final conference 

This will give participants an opportunity to share their experiences and stories to a wider network of people across Walsall.

Feedback from participants

‘It’s a really good integration project, it’s nice to talk with different people, to get to know each other better and to do different activities.’

‘Good project, great ideas, exceptional communicator, ideal for getting to know people and make friends. The activities of the project are very interesting and there’s a pleasant atmosphere.’

‘Lovely to meet new people and find out about new skills.’

How can an individual or a group be part of Community Dialogue?

If you are interested in getting involved as a participant or to bring Community Dialogue to a group that you run please contact Daisy King on daisy@faithbeliefforum.org​

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