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Faith and Belief Forum

Project completed

The Faith and Belief Forum worked with Walsall for All to deliver two projects: the Walsall Community Dialogue Project and the Walsall Community Recognition Awards.

Project name: Walsall Community Dialogue Project

Community Dialogue aimed to create spaces for local people to come together to engage in conversations about the things that are important to them. In light of COVID-19, it was more important than ever to create platforms where people can come together to connect and reconnect. The programme aimed to bring together the voices of local people to discuss identity, diversity and living together and sought to give an opportunity for local people to have their stories heard and connect with others across Walsall.

Project name: Walsall Community Recognition Awards

Walsall Community Recognition Awards celebrated the vital work of local communities in making Walsall a welcoming place for people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures by bringing together local heroes and shining a light on their inspirational work. Walsall’s diverse and vibrant population powers a large number of voluntary organisations, many of whom are local community projects which draw on their faith, belief and culture as motivation and inspiration for their community work.

Individuals and community groups shared positive stories and their impact on marginalised groups and were encouraged by other groups to feel connected.

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Useful links

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Community Recognition Awards

Learn more about the award winners who have been nominated for their inspirational work in Walsall.

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Community Dialogue

Learn more about the Community Dialogue project by The Faith and Belief Forum.

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