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About the Walsall for All Pledge

A person writing a pledge. The pledge will encourage Walsall residents and organisations to declare their support for a more integrated Walsall.

Do you believe in a Walsall for All? Would you like to show your commitment to promoting cohesion, equality and inclusion within Walsall communities? Then the Walsall for All pledge is for you, which we will be launching on Wednesday 5th August.

The pledge has been created in partnership with brap, a Birmingham-based equalities charity that supports organisations and communities with meaningful approaches to learning, change, research and engagement.

The pledge is one of a range of projects being delivered through Walsall for All, a borough-wide, long-term strategy for creating strong and integrated communities in Walsall.

Two pledges, the People Pledge and the Organisation Pledge have been created.

The People Pledge is aimed at residents, volunteers, elected representatives or paid staff members.

The Organisation Pledge is aimed at any group, businesses or organisation working with communities (this pledge needs to be signed by someone that has the authority to complete this on behalf of your organisation).

Signing the pledge is one of the ways you can:

  • Declare your support for a more integrated Walsall.

  • Do what you can to help make Walsall fairer for everyone.

  • Connect with other people and organisations that share your goals.

You will be able to sign the pledge in one of three ways:

1. Visit to complete the online form.

2. Download or print a copy of the form via the pledge web page or by clicking the attached links below.

3. Telephone brap on 0121 272 8450.

When signing the pledge, you will be offered further resources and the opportunity to take part in Unconscious Bias training sessions online, as a way of developing your learning, knowledge and experiences.

We hope you will be able to get involved and invite others to sign the pledge. Together, let's make change happen.

If you have any questions, please email or


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