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Awards Spotlight - Pauline Kenn

Introducing Pauline Kenn, Inspirational Individuals Award Winner

Why do you love what you do? I love working as part of a team and helping make our community a tidier and better place to live.

What is your proudest moment from the work you’ve done in your community? My proudest moment is when the community came together with Mossley Big Local to celebrate 60 years of our estate.

The Awards are about bringing people together, can you tell us about some of the great things that are happening to bring people together in Walsall? Or what would you like to see in Walsall to support those from different backgrounds and areas to come together? We are trying to do things with Mossley Big Local at a time of need, due to the virus. We are bringing the community together with support groups and tea and chat groups where and when we can if restrictions allow. In the future, I would like to bring Illuminations back to run another event; it helps bring all of our communities together to see the lights.

What is your vision for Walsall in the next five years, especially within your sector? What would need to happen and what support would be needed to make it a reality? We would like Mossley Big Local to continue to be able make things happen for this estate - for example, opening a community hub.

What are you most looking forward to doing post Covid-19? Starting groups, events and fundraising again and getting back to normality - whatever that is.


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