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Black History Month - Michael Folayan's Music Journey

Today’s Black History Month feature drops the mic on Michael Folayan. Michael, who works in Walsall Council's Employment & Skills Team, not only helps others in the skills department but can share quite a few of his own.

Outside of work, he is a talented songwriter and hip hop artist, rapper and performer. His music was recently featured on two of BBC WM’s shows and you can listen back here (from 27.50- 31.00):

Michael has always loved music, writing and singing and sees it as an important form of artistic and personal expression. He has already produced and recorded a wide range of songs some of which have generated interest and praise from local producers and performers. His latest release ‘Casper’s Pen’ was featured on ‘Brum Radio’ recently and was awarded ‘track of the week.’

Michael said: “I’d always been interested in songwriting as a child. However, as I grew older, I learnt that my gift for writing was not only an avenue for recreation, but was also a tool through which I could express myself and share my thoughts, experiences and ideas with the world.”

“As a child, I remember always hearing music playing around the house. My mother is Jamaican and my father is Nigerian and hearing the different sounds from their individual cultures definitely helped to shape my taste for diverse, rhythmically dense music. Although the music I make differs to that which they played, the influence of their tastes cannot be ignored and playing my music allows me to celebrate a part of my own history and heritage.”

“In terms of my inspiration for music, my hope is that those who listen to my music would be encouraged and entertained through my songs.”

You can follow Michael’s music here:

Listen to Casper’s Pen, his latest recording:

Michael’s songs are also available on Spotify, Apple Music and all other digital streaming platforms.

With thanks to Walsall Council and Michael Folayan for allowing us to share this story.


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