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Black History Month Community Spotlight - Clive Thomas

Clive Thomas has lived in the Walsall borough for around 13 years (having crossed the border from Dudley) and currently works as a Business Development Executive for Serco. He is a Trustee at the THOMAS Project in Aldridge where he also worships at St Thomas Church.

What does Black History Month mean to you? A celebration of our culture, history and all the positive things we have contributed to society and raising awareness of those achievements/people to a wider audience. What does it mean to you to be Black and British? Proud of being both Black and British, I see it as being the best of both worlds.Who inspires you? Living: my Dad, Cllr Paulette Hamilton. Passed away: Martin Luther King Jnr and Cyrille Regis. What are your hopes and aspirations for the future?

For a society to be free of racism and a true air of tolerance that and for all opportunities to be fair and equal.


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