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Black History Month Community Spotlight - Maureen King-Taylor

Maureen is a Walsall resident and attends the New Testament Church of God Faith Temple in Walsall.

Black History Month means that focus is given to famous Black people and give recognition for what they have done or what they are doing. It would be nice to see some personalities from the UK, even the Caribbean included and a showcase of upcoming youth talent.

To be Black and British means that I have the opportunity to take the best of Caribbean culture and the best of British culture and blend them with different things I have picked up from other cultures and create a wonderful existence in terms of food, language, clothing, art and design. This is then passed down to the next generation to help reduce stereotyping and support cohesion.

I am inspired by anyone that can look beyond barriers and stand up for themselves. I love the writing of Maya Angelou. I am also inspired by those who left their birth land and families to fight for freedom in unknown lands.

I would love to see a teaching curriculum that is reflective, creative and honest taught during the whole academic year. Black people do not appear on October 1st-31st and then disappear. Therefore our history should be integrated into all subjects, from art, science and music to literature, geography, economics and catering. October now is a period of Black events overload – it is not the best reflection of equality. We do aspects throughout the year.

I think Walsall would be a better place if it used its public spaces to promote and reflect the people living there. For example – if each year there is a massive Diwali parade, an Easter show in town, a carnival, Christmas events, Eid celebrations and many more. As a suggestion, Walsall could do a large-scale video/photograph exhibition entitled “Celebrate a day in the lives of the people of Walsall”. The resources can then be used by schools to support local studies and enrich assemblies in October. This would also allow the children to see and value real diversity in Walsall.


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