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Reflecting on Walsall for All's Black Inclusion Week activities

Four women from Walsall Black Sisters Collective and Walsall Police taking part in a 'clear out'.
As part of Black Inclusion Week, Walsall Black Sisters Collective and Walsall Police worked together to do a 'clear-out' in preparation for re-opening services.

This week was the inaugural 'Black Inclusion Week', a celebration of Black people in the UK and an opportunity to remember the importance of building a fair and just society through the inclusion of everyone. This year’s theme was ‘Be the Change’.

Walsall for All marked 'Black Inclusion Week' by publishing a variety of contributions and stories to amplify Black voices in the UK, celebrate achievements, explore ways we can ‘be the change’ and support inclusion wherever we are and whenever we can.

We started the week by reflecting on last year’s Black History Month celebrations

Black History Month celebrations, and what progress has been made to support communities to voice and tell their own stories. Following this, Walsall for All shared a range of contributions across its social media and website. This included commitment quotes from residents on how they will personally be supporting inclusion - with one resident pledging “to become an active coach, so individuals can reach their potential and/or overcome difficulties they may be experiencing”.

We have also heard personal and inspirational stories through a number of 'spotlight profiles' - these came from:

Partnership work strengthens voices - and our short post - shows the important work taking place between Walsall Black Sisters Collective and Walsall Police who have worked together to do a ‘clear-out’ in preparation for the reopening of services to the local community.

You can find all of these contributions on Walsall for All’s Facebook and Twitter channels on our website:

Although Black Inclusion Week is coming to a close it is important that we continue to play our part. Here are some suggestions in which we can ‘Be the Change’:


Challenge racism wherever you see it, online, in person, even in yourself. Reflect, reframe and compassionately challenge for change.


Engage with and work with organisations with the aims to improve the life experiences of Black people. Find out how you can work together.


Use your platforms to amplify Black voices, actively showing support and highlighting achievements.

To find out more about Black Inclusion Week, go to


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