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Learning English in Walsall - Update from ESOL Intelligence Unit in Walsall for All

The learners in the EWA ESOL class thoroughly enjoying their session.

One area of work in the Walsall for All programme is providing opportunities for residents to learn English for free. This comes under the third priority “Working and Contributing Together”. To carry out this work, an ESOL Intelligence Unit (English Speakers of Other Languages) has been set up in partnership with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Learning English improves your skills, gives you the chance to meet others and is vital in connecting communities together. The skills you gain will allow you to access services easier, such as employment, health and further education. These skills also enable you to improve interaction within your community (such as talking to your child’s teacher and booking a doctor’s appointment) and wider society by giving you the ability to communicate with others.

Ten new classes have been set up within schools, places of worship and community associations. The team is also supporting 14 existing projects within Walsall.

The team recently visited one project with European Welfare Association (EWA) at Manor Farm Community Association, where they observed one of the English classes taught by Haliz. It was very encouraging to see the enthusiasm and determination the attendees put into learning English. The lesson was fun, engaging and personalised to meet the needs of the students. It was clear that they were showing great signs of improvement.

Haliz is one of the ESOL tutors working with EWA.
“The classes have helped me in life, work and relations with people. A big thanks for helping me improve my English.”

Wlodzimierz, ESOL student

If you feel there is a demand for ESOL classes in your area or if you know of someone who would benefit from the classes, please get in touch with our ESOL Intelligence Unit:

  • Harjinder Lal (ESOL Coordinator) - or call 01922 658337

  • Zishaan Mohammed (ESOL Project Officer) - or 01922 655849

For details of classes, go to


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