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St. Paul's Church - Walsall Cinema for All

Paddington was screened on the 12th October.

The first film in the Walsall Cinema for All project was held on 12th October at The Crossing at St Paul’s, Walsall. Paddington tells the story of a young bear who came to settle in London from “deepest, darkest Peru”. It shows the difficulties faced by a person who has recently moved to a strange land. Many who attended on the night were from different parts of the world and were able to empathise with how the bear felt when he arrived into London. Children who came to watch the film with their families connected with the story through emotion.

He Named Me Malala was the second film to be screened on the 18th October. This documentary told the story of Malala Yousafzai, an activist for female education and the youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize. In retaliation for her activism, Malala was shot by the Taliban. This film provided an opportunity to explore the impact of hate crime and how injustice and prejudice can be overcome by peaceful activism. The audience were inspired by the courage of Malala and her family following the life-changing event.

St. Paul's Church are using their space to screen films for their project.

Malala’s story created empowerment and the audience felt there was a need to help her.

Other films that have been screened at the church included:

  • An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker (in partnership with Nash Dom CIC).

  • 303 Squadron (to mark the Remembrance season).

More films will be showcased in November and December at The Crossing at St. Paul’s. Booking is not required:

  • Friday 22nd November at 6.30pm - In the Land of Blood and Honey.

  • Friday 29th November at 6.30pm - The Bridge (supported by Walsall Samaritans).

  • Friday 6th December at 6.30pm - Murderball (supported by the University of Wolverhampton).

Follow St. Paul’s Church, Walsall on Facebook and @StPaulWalsall on Twitter to keep up to date with their project.


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