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VIDEO: Lyndon Campbell - Proud to Be Contribution

Lyndon Campbell is Proud to Be the Diversity and Inclusion Lead at whg. He is committed to providing equality for those who are facing injustices in the world.

I'm proud to be Lyndon Campbell, the Diversity and Inclusion Lead at whg.

Over the previous years of my career, in my personal life, working with the community, I've always been committed to providing equality for those who are facing injustices in the world.

On the other hand, as a black man, a member of an under-represented group, I've just accepted injustices against myself, prejudice, bias, at white racism from time to time and just accepted that as a black man that's just the way life is.

One of the big things that's come out of the past year (year and a half so), as a result of the increasing prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement, is that I've had a lot of people from a different background to my own actually engage with me and speak to me about my experiences, speak to me about their lives and what they can do to support under-represented groups. It's their kind of counsel that has made me realise a lot of things I've accepted for myself, that you have to be that way, in the way that I haven't wanted to do it for other people.

It feels really great to be in the position where we've got so many good people out there, wanting to work towards equal practices, inclusive cultures and that means the vision I'm in can be a part of that really. It's kind of motivated me, really supported me, really encouraged me for the future of what we can do.

I feel really privileged to be in a position I'm in as Diversity and Inclusion Lead at whg, I'm really excited by what I can do with the people I work with and the people in my community to help make sure that for people coming down the line behind us that things can be much better in a much more equal and fairer world.


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