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Volunteers wanted to 'buddy' people new to Walsall

Photo taken May 2019. Volunteers will be matched up with a buddy to support them with settling in Walsall.

Nash Dom CIC’s peer to peer support scheme, which aims to support newly arrived residents settle in Walsall and lead a fulfilling life, are calling for more volunteers to sign up and become volunteer buddies.

The Buddy Scheme is one of several projects part of Walsall for All, a partnership programme between Walsall Council, voluntary groups, the public and private sectors.

The scheme matches established residents (volunteer buddy) with new residents (buddy) according to their needs, interests and language skills.

The volunteer buddy will meet up with their matched buddies for at least one hour a week. Currently, this will be online. It may extend to face-to-face interaction subject to COVID restrictions.

Volunteer buddies will undertake joint activities with their buddy, such as checking in on wellbeing, helping them feel welcomed in Walsall, gaining access to support, practising English and integrating into the local community.

Volunteer buddies will also help their buddy understand government guidance and rules on coronavirus (COVID-19) and offer support by meeting online.

Learning, training and access to further opportunities are also on offer and volunteer buddies will receive incentives and recognition for their involvement.

Ana Tomulescu, Programme Development Manager at Nash Dom CIC said: “We are very excited about the buddy scheme.

"There is so much kindness and willingness to help others in Walsall. During the COVID-19 lockdown, this was visible more than ever. By creating the buddy scheme, we want to match those willing to help with those who are new to this place and need a local buddy to help them settle in.

"The buddy scheme will offer the opportunity for people from different backgrounds to meet, learn and share about different cultures, socialise, make new friends, and have a fulfilling life as a Walsall resident.”

Those who would like to become a buddy volunteer or want to be matched with a buddy should complete an online application form:

For support with the application or information about the scheme, please contact Marcin Maciejewski by email at


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