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Walsall FC Community Programme - "One Goal"

Walsall FC Community Programme were pleased to launch their ’One Goal’ project in September, with participants that were identified from across their core programmes. The project focuses on building community cohesion and bringing young people together using the power of sport, and in particular football. Young people from many diverse backgrounds are taking part in the activities led by Walsall FCCP coaches.

The participants enjoyed workshops around teamwork and resilience at the Banks’s Stadium, followed by a football festival on the stadium astro turf, before finally watching the Walsall FC first-team in their League Two match against Scunthorpe with friends and family. The ‘One Goal’ project will continue at future Walsall FC home fixtures this season. Groups from Green Rivers Community Association and whg will be attending to join in the sessions and the experience.

To get involved with the One Goal programme, please email


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