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Walsall for All launches #ActofKindnessChallenge to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week

This year, to support Mental Health Awareness Week, we are launching our #ActofKindnessChallenge to help those who are struggling but aren’t able, or aren’t willing to, ask for help. Walsall for All are asking people to ‘post it and pass it on’ complete a random act of kindness, post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and then nominate a friend to do the same.

The Mental Health Foundation believe that this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week may be its most important ever. The theme is kindness and research conducted by the Foundation suggests that there’s a deep connection between kindness and mental health - that it creates a sense of belonging, reduces isolation, builds new friendships, strengthens relationships and develops a sense of community.

The challenge is running alongside the West Midlands Combined Authority who are encouraging people to share their acts of kindness on their website and across social media using the hashtag #WMKindness.

The neighbour that you never see, the friend you haven’t spoken to for a while, the lady down the road who lives alone, the person next door, the work colleague who’s struggling – this week, safely, check on them, see if they’re okay or if they need anything. Or, if you’re creative, you could make wash bags or other useful items for keyworkers. You might make a new friend and maybe both of you will feel better mentally for the experience.

All you need to do is post your act of kindness on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, nominate a friend to do the challenge, tagging Walsall for All and use #ActofKindnessChallenge.

You can also share your story, whether you’ve delivered an act of kindness, or been the recipient of one. Simply share or send your story through any of Walsall for All’s social media channels tagging Walsall for All and using #ActofKindnessChallenge and #WMKindness, email with the subject field ‘Mental Health Awareness Week Story’ or visit the West Midlands Combined Authority website to submit a story.


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