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Walsall to host Black History Month webinar exploring the future

Walsall for All, a partnership programme between the Council, voluntary groups and the public and private sectors, are set to sign off this year’s Black History Month celebrations with a ground-breaking webinar on ‘the future’. Titled ‘Black History Month: Looking to the Future’, the event, co-hosted by The Faith and Belief Forum, features an impressive line-up of high-profile speakers from Walsall’s African-Caribbean communities, with overwhelming interest with over 100 registrations in the first week.

Walsall for All say that this is indicative of the hunger for positive change across the borough and across all its communities.

The webinar, which takes place on Monday 26th October, will play host to five speakers, each of whom will deliver a talk on their respective specialist areas before joining the panel to take questions from the audience.

Keith Fraser, Chair of Youth Justice Board for England and Wales will speak about the disproportionality of ethnic minorities in the Youth Justice System.

Keith will be joined by recently appointed Chief Insp. West Midlands Police, Rod Rose who will talk about his own personal policing journey.

Jennifer Beth Blake, Director of Change Partnership Ltd. and Author of ‘Through, Sweat, Tears and Triumphs: Reflections on The African Caribbean Presence in Walsall’, a book that recognises and celebrates the enormous contribution of Black people to the borough, will look at the future of leadership.

Walsall Council’s very own Children’s Champion, Michelle Cummings, will discuss empowering young people.

And finally, Founding Director of KIONDO, Andre Reid, the man behind a design research studio in the Town Centre set to embed all of Walsall’s communities in design research, innovation and urban regeneration, will talk about creativity and the arts.

Councillor Garry Perry, Deputy Leader of the Council for Resilient Communities, said: “As Black History Month draws to a close what better way to reflect on its impact than to hear from distinguished individuals, willing to share their life experiences and in doing so give hope to others.”

If you would like to attend the webinar, tickets are FREE and registrations are currently open on the Eventbrite website at


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