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Youth Ambassadors Programme creates success and legacy in Walsall

The National Youth Agency (NYA), alongside Kicsters, have been working with Walsall for All to deliver Your Voice Now, bringing young people together from across Walsall to tackle local issues through social action.

Youth Ambassadors are defined as those who do good things on behalf of all young people that makes a difference. They inspire young people and give them a voice

in the local community.

COVID-19 changed the way this project was delivered. Sarah Tiffany, NYA Youth Work Specialist, mentioned: “Moving onto an online platform was challenging, yet exciting. NYA trained staff on platforms, writing policies, new risk assessments and writing a digital programme for young people. It made the programme accessible for young people who struggled socially and may not usually join face-to-face sessions.”

Eight Youth Ambassadors took part in regular meetings, including virtual events:

The Spoken Word Workshop involved creating a spoken-word piece using words, feelings and emotions, while The Virtual Tea Break involved networking between young people and youth organisations.

One ambassador said: “The sessions were fun. We developed leadership and communication skills. This opportunity provided that stepping stone for me.”

Another ambassador told us: “It’s given us an insight into who we are and where we come from in our community. It’s also helped to establish that foundation to make those first steps to helping communities.”

Benjamin Williams, Project Manager for Kicsters said: “We have enjoyed working with the National Youth Agency. Having that connection with a national organisation brought opportunities and ideas, as well as exchanging local and national approaches.”

Mike Collyer, Walsall for All Project Manager added: “The NYA created a project that was inclusive and informal in its approach. It enabled young people to work at their own pace. The project has created a legacy by incorporating a local youth organisation to carry on the work.”

The NYA will visit in four months’ time to check how the project is doing and showcase this work on their website. The Youth Ambassadors programme will now be delivered by Kicsters and the opportunity to get involved is still available. To find out more, go to www.kicsters.


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