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Podcast: The MindKind Projects CIC - COVID Community Champions

Young people from Birchills C of E Community Academy participated in the podcast by The MindKind Projects CIC

For the COVID-19 Community Champions programme, The MindKind Projects CIC visited Birchills C of E Community Academy and North Walsall Primary Academy to discuss COVID, how the pupils have been challenged by lockdown and their thoughts on the future.

To listen to the podcasts, scroll further below or click the button.

Sureya Gulzar, CEO of The MindKind Projects CIC, reflects on the project and the podcasts they have produced:

The MindKind Projects CIC team with pupils at Birchills C of E Community Academy

At the MindKind Projects, we feel everyone has a role to play in staying safe as we have all been affected in some way by the pandemic. Thinking about young people we wanted to hear and share the stories of school children. They have had to give up so much during the lockdown and adapt to new ways of learning. From missing friends and teachers to school meals we heard from some of the children of Birchills C of E Community Academy and North Walsall Primary Academy. They told us how they are staying safe, what they missed and what they hope for the future. We hope people will listen to these young people and understand their own role in staying safe so that we can limit the need for further lockdowns. Being isolated is one of the biggest challenges for mental health.

In episode 1, Sureya talks with pupils from North Walsall Primary Academy and discusses how they have been through lockdown, what it has meant to them and their families and community and looking to the future.

In episode 2, Sureya visits Birchills C of E Community Academy and chats to some of their pupils on the issues they and their community and families have faced during the COVID lockdown.


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