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Businesses and employers work together to improve integration outcomes

As part of our third priority, Working and Contributing Together, we have

committed to working with businesses/employers to link in to our long-term

plan. Working in partnership with local businesses will ensure workforces represent the people of Walsall and contribute to supporting communities and promoting integration.

We have a dedicated officer in our team that will help create partnerships and encourage businesses to share positive stories about their work to support individuals and communities. We have started to work closely with the Walsall Economic Board to look at how employers and businesses can support integration.

On the 20th June 2019, we contributed to a meeting focused on making a difference and businesses giving back to the community (known as Corporate Social Responsibility). We presented the Walsall for All programme and discussed raising aspirations together in Walsall, increasing employability and well-being and connecting with existing resources to bridge the gaps.

A series of meetings will take place to develop our joint work. Our recent meeting on the 24th June 2019 focused on the Role of Employers in Integration. Attendees included Walsall Council, Walsall College, Barhale, Walsall Economic Board, Clinical Commissioning Group, brap, Department for Work and Pensions, Nash Dom CIC, One Walsall and Accord. Discussions focused on barriers to integration, the links between aspirations and integration and what businesses can do to ensure there are fair opportunities for underrepresented groups. Many attendees also used this opportunity to share best practice, existing projects and experiences.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed, including:

  • David Primrose (Walsall for All Board Chair)

  • Manjit Jhooty (Walsall Economic Board)

  • Cheryl Garvey (brap)

  • Our facilitators Amanda Spratt, Claire Wills and Jane Kaur-Gill (Walsall Council) and Gerald Nembhard (One Walsall).

We will be agreeing the key next steps with our partners to work towards making Walsall a great place to live, work, learn and socialise.

If you would like to work with us as a business or employer or you would like to share your story, please contact Zara Khan (Positive Action Officer) on 01922 652 657.


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