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Call for more organisations and individuals to “Pledge for change” in Walsall

Walsall for All is calling for more organisations and individuals living, working or studying in Walsall to sign the Pledge and promote inclusion and integration within Walsall communities.

Within the Pledge are learning opportunities to develop an understanding of these two key areas. Walsall for All have been working closely with brap to deliver this project. The Pledge is split into two: the People Pledge and Organisation Pledge. These were shaped from a consultation that took place in July and August 2019, where individuals and organisations were asked to give their views on what the Pledge should look and feel like.

Anyone who wants to visibly declare their support for a more integrated Walsall should sign the People Pledge. You can be a resident, volunteer, student, elected representative or paid staff member. Organisations can also sign the Pledge. This includes any group, business or organisation working with communities. You could be from the private, public, non-profit, faith or community sector.

Walsall for All believes it is important to sign the Pledge because it sets the foundation for the journey to committing to cohesion and integration, providing opportunities to showcase best practice and developing connections with others who have similar goals and values.

As of 13th December 2020, 73 organisations and 96 individuals have signed the Pledge, making it almost 170 sign-ups in total. Some of the organisations signed up to the Pledge include: Nash Dom CIC, Walsall Black Sisters Collective, Manor Farm Community Association, Walsall Housing Group (whg), Walsall College, One Walsall, The New Art Gallery Walsall, The Faith & Belief Forum and many more.

All those who sign up to the Pledge receive a digital badge to include in promotional material, resources to help develop an understanding of equality and inclusion and the opportunity to learn about unconscious bias.

To learn more or sign up to the Walsall for All Pledge, go to

You can also read a case study by Transforming Communities Together on their commitment and support of the Walsall for All Pledge.


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