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Let's Talk About It, featuring a case study from Nash Dom CIC

‘Let’s Talk About It’ is funded by the Government’s Controlling Migration Fund. Launched in December 2018, it aims to encourage community groups to improve English language skills among residents. Communicating in English is crucial to tackling isolation, increasing employment levels and supporting integration.

Below is an example of one of the funded Let's Talk About It projects.

Nash Dom CIC - a case study

Nash Dom is delivering a number of sessions on improving English, focused on daily life skills, healthy lifestyles, budget planning and much more. The first cohort of learners recently completed the 12-week course and received certificates to recognise their achievements.

“When the people came for the first time, they were not confident in their English writing, but after a few sessions, they learned how to communicate and how to ask for needs, such as ordering food in a restaurant, buying from a shop, how to spell their names and give basic details. The lessons have had a big impact in their lives due to the English barrier and this is improving by each session.”

- Bogdan Stanculet (Project Coordinator, Nash Dom CIC)

For further information about this programme: call 0741 356 6959 or email

Other organisations in Walsall have also delivered Let’s Talk About It projects:

  • Aaina Community Hub

  • All Saints Church Darlaston

  • Black Country Innovate CIC

  • Brownhills Community Association

  • European Welfare Association CIC

  • Manor Farm Community Association

  • Mindful Gifts CIC

  • Refugee and Migrant Centre

  • SOORA Association

  • Walsall Creative Factory

  • Walsall Hindu Forum

In Walsall for All (under our Working and Contributing Together priority), we will develop an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Intelligence Unit to support people to access ESOL opportunities.

In the short term, adults with poor English language skills will have a single point of contact within the council to register for ESOL classes and learners will be referred to the most suitable provision for them.

In the long term, we hope to see an increased uptake of ESOL activities and improved partnership working among ESOL providers across the sectors.

For more information about Let's Talk About It or to find out more about any of the English language programmes, contact or call 01922 653 086.


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