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Organisations awarded funding to deliver integration projects as part of Walsall for All

Several organisations and groups have been awarded funding to deliver projects as part of our vision to create integrated, empowered and inclusive communities in Walsall.

14 organisations will be developing, designing and delivering innovative projects based on:

  • Creating opportunities for meaningful social mixing between different communities living in Walsall.

  • Creating opportunities for changing prejudicial attitudes and stereotypes through positive activities in different geographical areas of Walsall.

  • Designing and applying digital solutions that support social mixing between different groups and communities living in Walsall and contribute to change of attitudes and stereotypes.

We would like to congratulate the following groups who have been awarded funding to deliver their projects:

They will be delivering some exciting projects for you to get involved in, including:

  • A youth theatre performed in targeted schools, exploring a range of integration issues through creative methods.

  • An international film project promoting dialogue and understanding of contribution of different communities.

  • An artisan project encouraging local communities to identify creative talent in music, storytelling, journalism, sculpture & artwork together to address a creative design challenge.

  • A multi-sport programmes for all ages, genders and abilities.

  • A Walsall for All summer community festival tackling local and borough wide segregation through fun activities.

  • A creative community arts project.

  • Outreach & street-based youth work, targeting vulnerable young people in local areas.

  • Lunch time club activities, aimed at older members of the community, which will help building friendships using storytelling and choir singing as a tool.

  • A Walsall for All celebration event to help value contributions to integration.

Commissioned Projects

In addition, we have commissioned a number of organisations to carry out specific projects in Walsall:

  • Brap have been commissioned to develop a Charter – Walsall for All Pledge - and ensure that a wide range of organisations sign up to the charter. They will provide follow up support and training for the participating organisations to implement objectives and ethos of the charter.

  • Walsall Community Transport has been commissioned with the aim to tackle some barriers to participation, linking people and groups across Walsall borough, supporting greater social mixing and increase take up of activities that positively influence the lives of residents in different communities of Walsall. They will participate in the creation of brand and vehicles livery and promotion of campaigns.

  • Arts Connect will raise awareness around integration and will offer the opportunity for children across Walsall to connect through arts and reflect upon their own identity and beliefs. An Arts Competition will launch the Project on the 26th June, where young people will have the opportunity to perform or present their work live on stage at the Forest Arts Centre.

  • UNICEF have been commissioned to invite Walsall schools to become Approved ‘UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools’. In schools that have adopted the scheme, 93 per cent of the head teachers involved said the award had helped children to embrace diversity and overcome prejudices.

  • The National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups have been commissioned to ensure that Gypsy Traveller Roma communities have a clear voice into the Walsall for All programme and the council regarding their challenges and needs. This will strengthen service provision and policies better understand and meet their needs.

In the coming months, there will be an opportunity for the people of Walsall to have their voice heard in these projects and take part in the activities. If you would like to find out more about the projects, stay updated through our Facebook and Twitter pages or email us at


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