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Statement from Revd Dr David Primrose, Chair of Walsall for All

Chair of Walsall for All, Revd Dr David Primrose has issued a statement on Black Lives Matter today (17/06/2020) on behalf of the board of Walsall for All.

Background photo was taken in May 2019.

“In this profoundly difficult time as the world is still in the grip of a deadly pandemic, an abhorrent act of injustice occurred on 25th May 2020, which led to an outpouring of anger, sadness and the reopening of old deep wounds. Many, many people around the world are now demanding social justice and change.

Walsall for All would like to pledge its support for the Black Lives Matter movement as they raise awareness of, and protest against, anti-Black racism following the brutal killing of George Floyd by a police officer in the USA.

Furthermore Walsall for All sincerely supports the wider principle of solidarity with all people who experience systemic disadvantage and discrimination in their everyday lives. We add our voice to those from around the world calling for the end of inequality and injustice.

We wholeheartedly denounce all forms of racism and discrimination. This is a time for all people to come together and honestly acknowledge the limitations of our current systems in providing equality, justice and opportunity for Black people and other minority communities in the UK and around the world.

As members of the Walsall for All Board we will always strive to come alongside voices for change and take practical steps to remove all forms of discrimination. Through our Integration Area Programme, we are working towards our vision of a borough where all communities flourish, overcoming divisions caused by prejudice, discrimination and segregation.

We welcome all positive and meaningful opportunities and avenues to truly pursue an evolution in social justice at a local and national level and are committed to being pro-active in these discussions and actions.”

'As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persists in our world, none of us can truly rest' (Nelson Mandela)


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