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Video campaign launched to encourage communities to share Walsall for All vision

Walsall for All, a partnership programme between the Council, voluntary groups, the public and private sectors, have released two new videos to encourage Walsall people and communities to connect with each other and share the vision of a Walsall for All.

The videos The Town That We’ve Built and Welcome to Walsall, made in partnership with Method in Motion and Walsall communities, brings to life the programme’s vision to create integrated, empowered and inclusive communities where people from all backgrounds come together to celebrate what they have in common. A place where residents are safe and valued, and everyone has fair opportunities to fulfil their potential and contribute to the growth of Walsall.

The production of the videos were put on hold in March this year due to the emerging Coronavirus pandemic. Production restarted in the late summer, with filming taking place in September.

The Town That We’ve Built video encourages people from all communities to live, work and play in a town that is built by the people of Walsall, for the people of Walsall.

The Welcome to Walsall video is designed to give visitors, residents and local businesses new to the area the chance to learn about Walsall, a borough shared by Walsall’s diverse and cohesive communities.

Both videos take on a creative narrative, with former Walsall Poet Laureate “Peace”, who wrote the poetry for the films. A variety of individuals and organisations from across Walsall participated in the film, including KIONDO, Caldmore Community Gardens, Hargun Sweet Centre, St. Matthew’s Church, Walsall Manor Hospital and many more.

Walsall for All believes that these videos are timely and hopes it will inspire others to come together, develop new connections and make a difference, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Councillor Garry Perry, Deputy Leader of Resilient Communities said: “These films present a timely reminder of everything that is positive about Walsall, home to a rich and diverse set of communities, whose response to the coronavirus pandemic has been inspirational. We have come together as a community to support each other with amazing acts of kindness and selflessness.

“Walsall is on a journey, one that will build stronger communities and create a brighter, fairer and more prosperous future for everyone.”

The films can be watched below.


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