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YMCA Open Door Host family open up on Hosting

Since 2009, YMCA Open Door has been placing young people, at risk of homelessness with Host families. These are people from within the Black Country who have a spare room and a caring heart.

Hosts, Pat and Gary Halligan, shared their experience of Hosting: "We have been Hosts for nearly 9 years and we have had 60+ young people living with us on Supported Lodgings. Looking back, we enjoyed the training from the YMCA, but at the time we didn’t realise the urgent need.

“We try to be as welcoming as we can so the young person feels at home as it can be the first time they’ve felt safe for a long time. We try to be a listening ear and give sound advice. We encourage them to stay in education, do a course or volunteer, to give themselves confidence and self-worth. We have seen lots of people move on to university, get jobs, pass courses and go on to full time employment and independent living.

"We have taken several young people on holiday and had lots of fun and laughter. Pat even attended the birth of a young person’s baby. To see a young person reach their full potential, gives us great satisfaction. It’s rewarding to see them grow into a

useful member of society. Not all young people are success stories, but the positives outweigh the negatives.”

We are appealing to people in the Black Country who have a spare room to consider becoming Hosts. Hosts receive over £100pw. Contact us to find out more:

T: 0121 524 3255



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