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Podcast: Health and Wellbeing - Walsall Community Recognition Awards

Click here to listen to the podcast.

The Faith and Belief Forum met with Kelly Williams, Chairwoman of Sporting Khalsa, an organisation based in Willenhall that aims to help tackle social exclusion and provide football opportunities for all members of the community. They discussed the organisation, the impact that the past turbulent months have had on it, looked forward to the organisation’s future and celebrated Walsall along the way. Sporting Khalsa is a Health and Wellbeing Award Winner from this year’s Walsall Community Recognition Awards.

"There’s a lot of investment that’s going on in Walsall, I think how people have pulled together in their communities is a really positive thing. The Recognition Awards are great because they’re actually recognising the work that does go on for everybody involved, promoting whatever they’re trying to do, supporting people trying to create bright things in the community.”


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