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Walsall Community Recognition Awards - Interfaith Relations

Guest blog post by The Faith and Belief Forum.

In this Walsall Community Recognition Awards Profile, we talk to faith leaders who are being recognised for their work leading Walsall-based interfaith initiatives. The Awards celebrate the vital work of local communities in making Walsall a welcoming place for people of all faiths, beliefs, cultures and identities by shining a spotlight on Walsall’s inspirational, unsung heroes.

Reverend Gilbert David, who is currently the Vicar, of All Saints Darlaston and Moxley Churches, and Mr R. K. Mehmi, Founder of the Sri Guru Ravidass Cultural Association in Darlaston, organise annual ‘One Day Festivals’ as part of a celebration of local cultures. They work closely with organisations to bring different cultures together. Reverend Gilbert has also introduced innovative projects, such as ESOL for communities, into the church. During the run-up to the festival, visits are made to grassroots community organisations and places of worship throughout Darlaston as part of cultural exchange initiatives.

Reverend Liam Dacre-Davis and Reverend Liz Dunning from Walsall Methodist Circuit have been involved in a Church-Mosque Twinning project for the last couple of years and recently expanded this work to create Faith Meeting Faith, a monthly place of welcome for people of all faiths and none where conversation and cups of coffee lead to new friendships.

We wanted to share some snippets from our conversation to give you an insight into the rich interfaith work that is happening locally.

To listen to each soundbite, please click on the links below.

What first inspired you to start an interfaith project?


Why is it important to have interfaith initiatives in Walsall?


What interfaith work are you currently doing?


What personal changes have interfaith instigated?


What is needed to create more opportunities for faiths to mix in the future?


What is your proudest interfaith moment?


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