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Shop Safe, Be Safe - advice for businesses and customers and downloadable resources

It is important for business owners to take responsibility and all reasonable steps to ensure that controls are in place wherever possible limit the spread of COVID-19. To assist, the environmental health team has produced some information and resources to help businesses manage social distancing in their premises (in partnership with Public Health and Walsall for All).

Letter to businesses with information and guidance

A letter has recently been sent to businesses in the borough providing guidance, online resources and supplementary information to help businesses carry out risk assessments to look at how their premises operate and provide recommendations for systems that may need to be implemented to ensure anyone visiting their premises understands and follows identified control measures. The letter includes signage that can be printed and displayed within premises if business owners wish. A copy of the letter is available to download on the Walsall Council website.

Shop Safe, Be Safe Poster

A Shop Safe poster has also been developed for businesses to display in their premises to remind customers of social distancing measures.

To download the poster, please click here.

Information for communities

There is also advice for shoppers and community members about what measures to take to help protect themselves and their loved ones when shopping.

To download the information pack, please click the file below.

Community Briefing Pack
Download PDF • 783KB

Further information

Printed copies of all materials, as well as further advice and information around protecting staff and customers, is available by contacting environmental health team

For any customers who may be concerned about social distancing or any COVID-19 related matters at any premises, please contact the team at

Additional guidance for shops and branches is on the GOV.UK website.


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