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VIDEO: Walsall residents explain what has motivated them to have the COVID-19 vaccine

Your reasons for getting the COVID-19 vaccine will no doubt be different to those of your friends and family.

For many of us, it’s very personal. Whether it’s because a family member has had the virus, you have an underlying condition, because of your job, to protect your family, friends and community, to play your part in reducing the transmission of COVID-19 or perhaps for no other reason than you feel you ought to.

Whatever your reasons, the important thing is that you get vaccinated and you have both doses. Here are a few stories of some people across Walsall who kindly shared their personal reasons for getting their vaccine – a huge thank you to Stephanie, Shaib, Sunny, Mateen, Jack and Gurcharan.

If you live, study or work in Walsall, are over the age of 18 and haven’t had your vaccine you can either book an appointment via the website or simply walk into the Saddlers Vaccination Centre between 8am and 7pm.


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