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Black History Month Community Spotlight - Shanai Campbell

Shanai Campbell is a Graduate from the University of Wolverhampton.

What does black history month mean to you?

To me, Black History Month is the month where we can share and acknowledge both the negative and positive history of Black people. Celebrating the past lives of innovators and inventors, people that have stood up for and empowered us as a people.

What does it mean to be Black British?

Black British means being accepted by a title that we have earned; it is almost like a sense of freedom.

Who inspires you?

My mother, she is my queen, my support system and I have always looked up to the empowering woman that she is. She inspires me to do better, work hard and achieve my goals in life.

What are your hopes and aspirations for the future?

My hopes and aspiration are to be peaceful with this life in the world. I want to achieve my goal as an investigative journalist to help spread the good news so that the world can somehow become a better place. I also, want my family, friends and myself to find love, be happy, be healthy and find peace and purity in every way. To be able to find strength in whatever life throws at us and to always remember that without darkness you wouldn’t be able to see the stars.

What do you think would make Walsall a better place?

I don’t live in Walsall, although I have visited the area a few times. I would say that there needs to be more diversity in the people who live there, and people who currently live in Walsall need to be more accepting and open-minded about other people’s cultures and beliefs.


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