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Connecting across Communities - a case study from The Motivation Hub

Based in Walsall Wood in the East locality is The Motivation Hub, a Community Interest Company offering day opportunities to adults over the age of 18 with additional needs.

They invite the community into the hub by organising coffee mornings, fetes and other day activities. They also invite schools to come along and join in with sing-alongs. The organisation has links with many local groups, including Brownhills Community Association, Walsall Leisure Centre, ‘White Watch’ Fire Fighters and Castleford School. Activities that have come out of these partnerships include bowls, film shows, public swimming sessions, safety checks in the clients’ homes and supporting the harvest festival.

The Motivation Hub promotes integration in many ways. For example, they are planning on organising visits to places of worship to help the clients’ understanding of different cultures. They are also hoping to have theme days at the hub, inviting people from various cultures to come along.

The hub promotes independence, treats everyone as a valued member of the hub and aims to make as many community links as possible. They also prevent vulnerable adults from being isolated and lonely and pride themselves in supporting their clients to gain confidence, social skills, friendships and the feel-good factor.

The hub also offers:

- Two free day taster sessions for clients to see what is on offer and to accommodate for any needs.

- A variety of facilities for the community to meet together, including a sports and events hall, arts and crafts, sensory room, kitchen and dining area.

- Drop-in sessions for carers who may be struggling for somewhere to go.

The building is secure with CCTV, has a reception area and with male, female and disabled toilets.

A Case Study

“K is a 21-year-old lady who attends the hub once a week. During her time with us, on several occasions have linked with Tesco in Walsall to hold a tombola to raise funds for the hub and support Tesco raising money for the Poppy Appeal. As a result of our link with Tesco, they were impressed with K’s amazing personality and they offered her a job working alongside their community champion. This has given K a massive boost in confidence and feeling of acceptance in the community as she continues to thrive in her new role and attend the hub. We are very proud of all our clients’ achievements, whether it be K securing herself a job or someone who through attending the hub has gained the confidence to sit within a group of people without feeling anxious.”

The Motivation Hub is always looking to build new relationships with community groups. If you would like to find out more about The Motivation Hub or to get involved, please get in touch with the team on 07388 553615.


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