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DWP Community Connectors Update - December 2020

The DWP Community Connectors Team, Bindy, Bally, Donna and Hayley are still offering opportunities to women digitally and via telephone. Photo taken December 2019

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is working with Walsall for All to support women in Walsall to move forward.

As part of the project, the DWP Community Connectors supported Jobcentres from March with Universal Credit claims in the Walsall borough. They ensured customers’ payments were processed during the lockdown. Communication was key, as welfare support emails and texts were sent to the women on the programme. Being compassionate and empathetic, the calls provided wellbeing tips to ease anxiety and concerns around homeschooling and living under COVID-19 restrictions.

Since July, they have continued to support women digitally and via telephone, focusing on transferable skills to consider career changes and achieve future aspirations. By liaising with local providers, they promoted digital courses.

Currently, the Connectors produce a weekly newsletter, which includes local vacancies, school-hour vacancies, training opportunities and wellbeing advice. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

In September and October, 13 women attended the Empowering Women Workshops, delivered (in a COVID-secure environment) by Aaina Community Hub and Walsall Black Sisters Collective. One attendee said: “It was very helpful, very empowering and helps you to move forward in life.” In addition, Motivate Your Mind Workshops were delivered virtually and face to face by Steps to Work in October. Workshops aim to identify anxiety triggers, teach techniques to managing anxiety and encourage a positive mindset. 21 women attended and as a result, they set up friendship groups. All future workshops will be delivered virtually.

Since April 2020, the Community Connectors have assisted four women into work experience, 22 women into training courses and 13 women into employment.

The DWP Community Connectors are proud of the service they continue to offer, including employability support, job matching and sourcing new opportunities to secure and sustain a better future.

To find out more or to contact the DWP Community Connectors, go to or email


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