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Nash Dom CIC - Environmental Champions

Nash Dom CIC has been involved with several anti-litter partnerships that have been focused on litter, fly-tipping and the concerns around environmental factors. These have taken place in Palfrey, Caldmore, Willenhall, Moxley and the town centre. They are working in close partnership with Locality Managers, Walsall Council’s Clean and Green service and Housing Standards to ensure there is a proactive follow-up after the activities.

As part of that, they aim to collaborate with 4 schools around the areas mentioned above for the Environmental Champions Project. They aim to deliver the programme to students in infant schools in order to further educate the young minds about our environment, recycling and why it is important.

They also aim to promote recycling and further encourage children to take care of their surroundings and environment. They hope this will strengthen children’s knowledge and understanding of the importance of recycling and promote it from a young age, in a simple and fun way, so they can better look after their local areas in the future.

Upon completing the presentation, the children are promoted and encouraged to become Environmental Champions and are given badges, keyrings, re-usable foldable bottles and handouts for reference on their way to caring for the environment. After completion of the project, Nash Dom will be in contact with schools to gather feedback and comments to find out how it has impacted on the children.

If you would like to find out more about the Environmental Champions project, please contact Marcin Maciejewski at


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