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New projects commissioned to bring communities together in the Walsall borough

Four organisations have been commissioned to deliver projects as part of Walsall for All’s vision to create integrated, empowered and inclusive communities in Walsall. The four projects are Community Dialogue, Youth Voices and Youth Ambassadors, Hate Crime and Welcome Packs.

Community Dialogue has been awarded to The Faith and Belief Forum. They will enable local residents and communities to come together, discuss local concerns and issues of integration and ask difficult questions.

Youth Voices and Youth Ambassadors has been awarded to the National Youth Agency. They will train young people to become change makers and deliver four youth voice events (one per locality) in the borough and drive and deliver integration projects to benefit young people and other communities across Walsall.

Hate Crime and Tension Monitoring Review has been awarded to Black Country Innovate. They will work in partnership with the Police to analyse hate crime data, explore ways of reducing incidents, training individuals and supporting those affected by hate crime.

Welcome Packs has been awarded to Nash Dom CIC. They will support integration of newly arrived communities through Welcome Packs, which will include information on rights and responsibilities for all residents in Walsall, useful information on local services and signposting to organisations and groups. Part of this project will also involve inviting individuals to be part of a ‘buddying scheme’ to support those who are new to the local area.

Within all the projects in Walsall for All are opportunities for local groups and organisations to create strong partnerships and deliver meaningful activities that will create short-term and long-term impact within communities in Walsall.

There will also be opportunities for individuals and groups to volunteer and get involved. Further details of each of the projects will be uploaded to the Walsall for All website in due course.

If you would like to find out about any of the projects or the Walsall for All programme, please get in touch with us at


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