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Vera Group ESOL success - Inesa's story

About the Vera Group

The Vera Group brings together women from different European countries, empowering them to live full and meaningful lives; promoting women's self-esteem, positivity and self-confidence and offering non-judgmental support, advocacy and empowerment.

They want each woman to recognise the amazing ability, courage, strength and potential she has, and to feel empowered to reach their fullest potential and shape their own destiny.

Their motto is: “We are AMAZING, we are COURAGEOUS, we are UNIQUE. We are WOMEN of Europe travelling towards success.”

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, all ESOL provision has taken place online. This has been successful, offering convenience for learners to participate in the comfort of their own homes.

The Vera Group recently delivered online ESOL sessions for women and have shared two success stories with us. Below is Inesa's story.

Inesa's story

Around 10 years ago, Inesa moved to England with her husband from Latvia. When she first arrived here, Inesa barely had any knowledge of English, apart from very simple phrases. Because of this, she never really made any friends that were English speakers and mostly communicated with people who spoke Latvian or Russian. Because of this, her knowledge of the language did not improve much over the years and having conversations