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VIDEO: New Testament Church of God community champions encourage COVID-19 vaccination

New Testament Church of God congregation members outside the church with their banner on Wednesbury Road.

As part of the Walsall COVID-19 Community Champions programme, several organisations have been working with Walsall for All and other partners to raise awareness of the COVID-19 vaccination, encourage uptake and reduce the spread of the virus.

One of these groups is New Testament Church of God Walsall. The champions (along with their two Ministers) have led by example by sharing messages on video.

As a community church, the leaders lead example by having the vaccine. We support the vaccine for the benefit of everyone.

Maureen King-Taylor, COVID-19 Community Champion

Video 1: Maureen King-Taylor shares her reasons for becoming a Community Champion and the work she has been doing in the community.

Video 2: Pastor Laurel Woodstock has led the New Testament Church of God Walsall for over 13 years. She is also a frontline NHS worker. As a leader and also supporting the church as part of the COVID-19 Community Champions programme, she encourages everyone to take the vaccination.

Video 3: Rev. Samuel Morgan is the Assistant Minister, who has had both doses of the COVID-19 vaccination. He is encouraging others to take the jab and protect their community.

Video 4: Yvette Pearce's message is that for all of us, for our mental and physical health, the vaccine is the way to go.

Video 5: Naomi Finley is a young person who feels it is important for others to take their COVID-19 vaccination.

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